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Solar AC is what you need to keep your rising electricity costs in check!

At times it seems as if energy costs are sky-rocketing. And if you keep a check, you’ll realize that the air conditioners are the primary reason behind your high electricity bills.

But considering the heat, there is no other option left other than switching on the A.C.

That’s the reason why every homeowner looks for an energy-efficient system.

So, here we are with good news!

And it’s that you can get a solar air conditioner which saves you tons of money and is also environment friendly.

But the good news doesn’t just end there. What if we say that such air conditioning service in Los Angeles is just a call away!

Sounds impressive, right?

RLD heating and cooling is the knight in disguise to help you out with this. At RLD, we provide all kinds of solar air conditioner-related services. We will deliver you all the necessary information to decide if the solar air conditioner is the right choice for you!

And for your convenience, here we have compiled all the necessary information you need to know about solar air conditioners. Read ahead to get an in-depth insight sight about it!

Why do we need a solar-powered air conditioner?

As we know, air conditioners remove heat from your space through cooling and recirculating the air and pushing the hot air outside. And solar air conditioning units work the same way- but in an environment-friendly way.

A.C. costs account for 12% of the energy costs in the United States, ranging from 5% in the colder areas to 27% in the hot and humid areas.

You can use a residential cooling system to reduce the temperature of one or a few rooms of your house or the whole house. At the same time, central air conditioning is something you can use to cool your entire house.

A study by the EIA in 2015 suggests that 60% of the households in the U.S. relied on central air conditioning, 23% relied on A.C. units, and only 5% used both central HVAC and auxiliary A.C. units.

So, the point is you can cut your home energy costs and carbon emissions with the help of solar-powered systems.

A solar-powered A.C. is a great option even for people who don’t have enough roofs or people living in condos. However, it is more price-friendly for people who can install a whole-home solar A.C. system because they can enjoy the best energy savings and a better return on investment.

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Benefits of solar air conditioning 

Solar-powered air conditioners are a considerable investment, but the good thing is- you get plenty of benefits out of it:

  • Improves the value of your house.
  • Saves your money on electricity bills, thus making up for the initial costs.
  • Reduces energy use and demand.
  • Cuts greenhouse emissions.

Should you install a solar ac for your Los Angeles home? 

Air conditioners that run on electricity can give you very high electricity bills plus consume a lot of energy. But when you use a solar A.C. instead of the traditional ones, it can make a huge difference in efficiency because solar A.C. makes use of renewable energy sources, such as solar energy.

If you are considerate about the environment, you can easily opt for this cooling system. And the best part is when you bet your money on a solar air conditioner in Los Angeles, you won’t have to fret about the comfort level because its efficiency is as good as the typical air conditioner.

So if you think it’s a good deal to have one for your house, you can schedule an appointment with us right away!

Solar power air conditioning options 

Solar-powered air conditioners come with three different options. These systems are different based on the energy technique through which the power is supplied to the air conditioners. You can choose from among these options according to your suitability. Here are what they look like:

  • DC-Powered Solar Air Conditioners.
  • AC-Powered Solar Air Conditioners.
  • Hybrid Powered Solar Air Conditioners.

Solar AC type #1: DC Powered Solar Air Conditioners

DC solar air conditioners are also known as conventional solar-powered air conditioners.

The unique thing about dc solar air conditioner is that it functions directly through D.C. power (direct current). The solar panels are directly wired to the air conditioners; therefore, the system gets a direct energy supply right from the solar panels.

You can run these systems with the help of batteries, and the best part is you charge the batteries. So you can run the entire system off-grid.

Didn’t understand the process? Solar air conditioners use solar panels or photovoltaic panels to absorb or collect the sunlight falling over them and convert it into electricity. The air conditioner then uses the electricity.

Solar dc power air conditioner holds a variety of advantages like:

  • As DC electricity is produced through the solar panels, running the ac without the help of the panels will also be possible.
  • You can go complete off-grid with the help of the dc powered solar air conditioners. Plus, the savings you’ll experience in terms of electricity bills are just out of the world.
  • These A.C.s are easy to install and maintain.

As we know, every coin has two sides. The same is the case with this A.C. system. It does come with certain disadvantages like:

  • You would require a considerable amount of battery backup to use this A.C. at night or on a cloudy day when the beloved sun decides not to show up.

The other way is to use a rectifying device to convert electricity from the power mains to D.C. and then function the A.C., but the whole purpose of getting a solar air conditioner is wasted!

Solar AC type #2: A.C. Powered Solar Air Conditioners

A.C. power or alternating current is well known as the solar air conditioner.

In this system, you will need the help of a device named an inverter to convert D.C. from the solar panel to electricity to power your air conditioning unit.

The inverter plays a crucial part in this type of setup.

But there is one common thing in the D.C. and AC-powered air conditioners, which is that both D.C. and A.C. powered air conditioners take the help of batteries if the power from the solar panels is not available. The Alternating current A.C. system also uses energy from the battery after passing through the inverter. That’s the reason it holds certain advantages like:

  • These A.C.s can be used as regular standard air conditioners. All you need to do is tie the wires with the grid, and you are good to go! Plus, you won’t even need any extra equipment.
  • If you tie these A.C.s to the grid, you give the electricity produced through the panels back to the grid and get credits for it. Such a process is known as net metering.

Solar AC type #3: Hybrid Powered Solar Air Conditioners

As the name suggests, the hybrid can be run on both A.C. and D.C. systems at the same time, smoothly.

You can easily connect such units to both the solar panel/batteries and the grid.

The air conditioner can use the appropriate power source according to the load it has to carry based on the time of the day and temperature setting.

Here are some of the advantages of getting a solar-powered air conditioner for yourself:

  • You won’t need any additional equipment like inverters, etc., which will reduce your total cost by a reasonable amount.
  • Easy switch between solar energy and grid-based energy.
  • It is very flexible to operate all day and in different seasons.

The only disadvantage of the system is that if your batteries are not charged, they won’t work off-grid and at night.

How does a solar A.C. work? 

A solar air conditioner is a combination of two things:

  • Solar electricity.
  • Air conditioning.

In straight words, it absorbs energy from the sun and uses it to power up your air conditioner and cool down your space.

The energy is either used to power your ac or is stored in the batteries to be used later. However, it can also use the grid energy if needed.

Various solar air conditioners employ varied techniques and accessories to function. Here they are:

  • Solar photovoltaic (Solar P.V.) air conditioners: It works by absorbing and capturing the sun’s energy using solar panels usually planted on the roofs of your house or building. The solar P.V. panels synthesize the energy into electricity to power your air conditioning system. The electricity, if not used, is stored in battery arrays for later usage. 
  • Solar thermal systems: A plate is planted to capture the sunlight in this system. The captured energy transforms the electrical generator into the compressor, which deals with the refrigeration process in the A.C. system. However, these systems aren’t the buzz anymore as they are less energy-efficient than solar P.V. systems.
  • Absorption chillers: In these systems, the power from the solar panels is used to run the fans and compressor motors. The result is- evaporation and condensation to produce cool air. Absorption chillers can run off batteries that are charged by the solar panels.

What is the cost of a solar air conditioner?

We can’t ignore the fact that the solar-powered ac is more pricey than the traditional ones because it costs you around $2000 before installation.

Apart from that, the installations costs pull up the cost to around $5000. There are additional costs over things like wiring, inverter, batteries, charge controller etc.

But the good news is- You can avail a tax credit of 26% that essentially brings down the cost. Some of the states and locals provide energy efficiency incentives, so if you qualify for that, then you get extra savings. If you are in Los Angeles or live nearby, you can contact us to get complete information about the rebates and refunds you can enjoy.

How Much Can I Save with a Solar A.C. System?

Installing a solar-powered ac can feel like a hassle at first because of all the costs involved.

But trust us, it is worth it!

The reason is- the cost of all the solar panels, batteries, arrays, converters and everything will contribute towards saving a significant chunk of money that you would otherwise have spent on electricity bills.

The amount of savings you’ll make will depend upon a variety of factors like:

  • The size, number, and energy adapting capabilities of the solar panels determine the portion of an air conditioner’s energy usage met with the solar power. That’s why a hybrid solar system has a grid connection. I the sunlight isn’t strong enough, you can take the help of the grid.
  • The carrying capacity and size of the battery array hold equal importance. Batteries have come a long way in terms of technology, and in the last few years, they have improved tremendously. Simply speaking, the more energy the batteries can hold, the more you can use it to power your air conditioners. In short, you reduce its dependency on the panels a bit.
  • The usage of your air conditioner is also a significant factor. So for requirements like these, you won’t need a hybrid solar system.

Best solar air conditioning brands 

Ready to dive into investing in a solar-powered air conditioner? Here are some of the top brands that deal in solar A.C. and related accessories:

  • Lennox.
  • SolAir World
  • Gree
  • HotSpotEnergy
  • SolarAir World
  • LEZETi
  • YMGI

Call RLD heating and cooling services for solar air conditioning services 

When it comes to things like A.C. installation and, more precisely, solar A.C. installation or any other services, you can’t just trust anyone blindly. The installation, repair and maintenance process is quite complicated, and only a professional with years of experience can handle it properly.

And that’s when you need the help of RLD heating and cooling services. Here at RLD, we have a team of skilled and experienced technicians. We have skilled, and background-checked employees. So when you leave your work to us, you can have a peaceful sleep because we will take all your worries away!

Call us today and enjoy the cool air of your solar air conditioner all summer long!


Here are some of the questions people usually ask:

Solar AC FAQ #1: Can an A.C. run on solar power?

YES! An A.C. can easily run on solar power. You can smoothly run an A.C. on both on-grid and off-grid solar panels. The primary difference is when you use an on-grid system, you can run it without the help of electricity, which cannot happen in the case of off-grid systems.

Solar AC FAQ #2: Are solar air conditioners any good?

To be honest, solar air conditioners are as good as conventional cooling systems. Plus, you get to save a lot of money as the ac runs on renewable energy and not electricity. So you get the best of 3 things:

  • No compromise with the comfort.
  • Savings on electricity bills.
  • Environment friendliness.

Solar AC FAQ #3: Is there any solar ac?

Yes, solar air conditioners do exist!

There are three main types of such A.C.s, they are:

  • Direct current (D.C.)
  • Alternating current (A.C.)
  • Hybrid solar A.C.

Home alternating currents use energy grids, while direct currents use batteries.

Solar AC FAQ #4: How does solar-powered air conditioning work?

Solar-powered air conditioners work the same way as traditional air conditioners- it draws the heat out of your room and releases it outside so that your home feels cool. But the difference lies in the energy it operates in. Traditional A.C.s use electricity to function, while a solar air conditioning unit uses renewable energy like sunlight to power the system. Getting into the details, you can install a photovoltaic panel outside your house, which will power the solar A.C. The panel will convert the sunlight into electricity.

Solar AC FAQ #5: How many panels will I need to run a solar A.C. unit?

The units of solar panels you employ to cool down your house determine the quality of cooling. To keep it short, you’ll need 1-5 panels.

Most A.C. systems use around 1200 watts that need about five solar panels. However, if you own a central air conditioning system, you might need more panels because a central ac needs around 3000-5000 watts to function.

In short, if you have a large A.C., you will need more panels and vice-versa. Better get your cooling needs assessed with a professional to have a suitable power source.

Solar AC FAQ #6: How much does a solar A.C. unit cost?

On average, a solar air conditioning cooling system ranges from $990000 for 1 ton to $1.39 lakhs for 1.5 tonnes. This price includes solar panels. Solar inverter and other solar ac related accessories.

Solar AC FAQ #7: Do I need a battery for my solar AC unit?

The solar battery can be your friend-in-despair if you own a solar air conditioner. The solar battery system makes sure that your solar-powered A.C. works smoothly at night, on rainy, cloudy days and whenever the sun isn’t showing its face. So when your panels don’t get the power of sunlight, your A.C. will still function, and you will never be devoid of your comfort.

Solar AC FAQ #7: Is a hybrid solar air conditioner different from a standard heat pump?

YES! It is very different as compared to the standard heat pump. As a hybrid solar air conditioner, it can function as D.C., which can be used for off-grid application and the hybrid D.C. unit, which extracts power from the grid when there isn’t enough sunlight.

Final Thoughts: Is Solar Air Conditioning Worth It?

Investing in a solar air conditioner is a massive affair because they are pricey. So you should make a decision keeping in mind your needs, the climate of the city you live in, your budget and most importantly, whether your house is ready for a solar-powered ac unit.

Simply speaking, solar air conditioners are best suited for places that experience high heat and humid climates.

So solar A.C. is a perfect fit for you if your home has an open space to install solar panels. However, if you don’t have access to many open spaces, it will still suit you.

And most importantly, if you have any second thoughts or doubts, you can always come up to us for advice, and we are happy to help.

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