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Is your existing ductwork not working correctly? Are you thinking of replacing it?

Well! If you are not sure, read about different types of HVAC ducts and what is the right choice for you!

Get some estimates from different HVAC contractors and find out what works for you.

Here we talk about every essential thing you must know about air ducts and air duct replacement (to be precise).

We discuss:

  • The signs point towards air duct replacement.
  • The cost of duct replacement.
  • Duct repair v/s replacement.
  • Different factors affect replacement costs.
  • DIY duct replacement.

So, let’s get going!

When do you need air duct replacement or repair? 

An HVAC system has become an integral part of every household around the country.

When you have a central heating and cooling system installed in your house, you are in your comfortable and safe haven.

And you might be unaware of what’s going on in the background till your system stops running at its peak performance.

However, you must always hold sufficient knowledge about the basics of your HVAC system and its operations.

The HVAC ductwork, for instance, plays a vital role in making sure that your system is running smoothly and that there is sufficient ventilation.

The ducts in your HVAC system dispense conditioned air to different parts of your home. The process involves circulating the hot and cold air in the rooms and returning it to the system to be treated again.

If you notice any issue with your air ducts, you must address it at the earliest because it can diminish your system’s efficiency.

Three basic principles revolve around the HVAC duct design, they are:

  1. All air conditioners and furnaces have a sufficient amount of airflow that goes in and out of the system so that the appliance can function smoothly and uninterrupted.
  2. Every house is different, and therefore when you choose an HVAC system, you consider the designs and size that go well with your house so that the optimum airflow is achieved.
  3. A perfect air duct system can reach the intended airflow requirement. To guarantee and achieve optimum efficiency, you must ensure that the ducts are sealed at all the seams properly with aluminum tape. You must also ensure that the air ducts have the proper insulation in the exposed areas like the crawl spaces and the attics.

Signs your duct needs replacement 

Signs That You Need Air Duct Replacement Infographics

HVAC system inefficiency is a common problem that many homeowners encounter.

You can easily understand your system’s dropping inefficiency when you are not getting the desired temperature, even when the HVAC unit is in full blast.

The first thing you should check in such situations is the air ducts. Yes, before jumping into AC repair, you need to inspect your existing ductwork.

Here are a few problems with ductwork that might require you to get a replacement.

Wrong size of the ducts 

When upgrading your home’s air conditioner or furnace, check if the existing ductwork goes well with the new appliance or system. If the air ducts are too big or small, the system will not be efficient. It might even damage your new air conditioner or furnace.

So, whenever you install a new heating or cooling system, check the ductwork and make the necessary adjustments.

High energy bills 

It is prevalent for some air to move out of your ducts while traveling. However, if the wastage of airflow is more than 20%, you will notice a subsequent spike in the utility bills.

The reason is straightforward- When you turn your thermostat to a specific temperature, you expect that level of warmth or cold air. However, your system struggles to achieve that because a lot of air is escaping outside. The electricity bills go up, and the system becomes inefficient.

The system’s inefficiency causes you to pay more for your electricity bills. If you haven’t installed any additional appliances in your house and notice a sudden spike in your electric expenses, it is probably because of the leaky ductwork.

Misplaced vents

The ductwork vents are the exit doors of the heated and cooled air into different spaces of your house. In some cases, vents are even located in incorrect places. The ideal place for vent installation is near the windows and along the exterior walls.

When the vents are correctly placed, you can easily control the temperature.

Leak in air ducts

Leaks and tears are common issues that every household with an HVAC system encounters. If the leaks are minimal, you can get the duct sealed or repaired; however, if the problem is severe, you may need to get the duct replaced. You must call an HVAC expert to replace the ducts at your house.

A dusty home 

Dust is something you can’t get rid of because it is everywhere!- Indoors and outdoors.

A minimum level of dust is a common thing in every house. But if you see a thin layer of these nasty dust particles in every nook and corner of your room, it might become problematic for your ductwork.

You must be wondering, how so?

Well! Dust from the outside can get inside your ducts through the holes and leaks. The ductwork then carries this dust along with the air to the air conditioning system and spreads it across the house.

So, if you are sneezing more frequently, it can be the dust doing its job combined with the faulty ductwork.

Having respiratory issues 

Are you or your family members sneezing often?

What if we say that these coughs and allergies are unrelated to colds or flu?

Be aware that the leaks in your ductwork can attract allergens such s pollens and dust fragments.

Pollen is known to cause allergies, especially for those who suffer from asthma problems. So, it’s better to check your ductwork and fix holes and leaks before it ruins your system and indoor air quality. Other impurities like cigarettes, smoke lint, pet hair etc., can also cause allergies.

Pest problem 

In addition to mildew and molds, even old and damaged ductwork can also cause pest infestation. The cause behind the infestation is the leaks and holes in your duct system, which allows bugs and rodents to enter.

These pests can make their home in the ducts, leading to many problems in the long run.

Some problems pest infestation can cause are:

  • Bacteria & microbes spread.
  • Unpleasant smell.
  • Weird noises from the ductwork.

Apart from that, these insects can also block the ductwork, which might hamper the functioning of the HVAC system. So, scrutinize your ducts and if you notice any pests, replace the ductwork.

Poor cooling performance 

If your HVAC has trouble heating or cooling your house, you might get your ducts assessed. Various factors can pressure your system and make it hard to function. Check the air filter of your ductwork system and make changes if necessary. A clogged air filter might block the cooling performance of your system.

If changing the filters doesn’t help, call the HVAC experts at RLD services.

Old ductwork

Having ducts over 15 years of age can be problematic.

Even if your ducts are running smoothly, you never know when the issues may appear. If you live in a house built in the seventies and have asbestos insulation, you need to inspect and replace your ducts ASAP.

The methods of duct installation have improved over time. New, safer, and more efficient materials are used to insulate and install your ductwork in today’s life. When you upgrade your ducts, you reduce the risk of putting your health and system in danger.

Dents and punctures 

The ducts in your home are designed strategically and carefully placed so that you can fully benefit from the HVAC unit.

If your ducts are damaged with dents or punctures, it can affect the effectiveness of your heating and cooling system.

So, if the ducts and punctures are visible, call a professional and assess the damage. An expert will tell you if you need to replace the entire ductwork, or a simple repair will do.

Debris around the vents 

Depending on your needs, the vents are made to push out conditioned air in various house sections.

However, it will leave impressions on and around the air vents if the air is too filthy. It usually happens over time, and you won’t notice it at first.

But, do you know what the source of this dirt is?

Well, it’s the debris around the vents. The debris is created because of the accumulation of dirt, lint, pet hair and even small insects. It hampers the aesthetic of your house and damages your system.

Improper design and installation 

A ductwork system must be intelligently placed and installed to cool every part of your house while maintaining efficiency, performance and energy usage.

If the design or installation of your ductwork is not proper, you must look towards replacing it.

Improper design and installation of ducts have been a cause of concern for many residential houses. Even if you have installed a new system, you have to compromise on efficiency and comfort if the ducts are not proper.

So, if you are experiencing hot or cold spots in the different sections of your house, it is better to contact a pro to assess your ductwork.

When is duct repair necessary? 

As we have already found out the most common issues you can experience with air ducts, it is also essential to understand the symptoms of whether you need a duct repair or a replacement. Apart from the issues mentioned above, you also need to keep in mind the following points:

Kinked and tangled air ducts

When you go for the routine maintenance of your HVAC system, you must check the air ducts keenly to find out all possible problems. If you see kinked or tangled ducts, contact your HVAC contractor immediately to remove the damaged section.

Kinked or tangled ducts can block the airflow of your HVAC system, causing you to pay higher electricity bills.

Ducts can get tangled or damaged, like a heavy object falling on the ducts. It might twist your duct at an abnormal angle and restrict the airflow. And restricted airflow means developing holes and leaks.

And one more pro hack to find tangled ducts is to look for them in the basement, attic and garage because these are the places where most of the problems arise.

Weak and inconsistent airflow

Airflow is an integral part of your fully functioning heating and air conditioning unit.

Believe it or not, airflow plays a significant role in efficiently cooling and heating your space.

When the ducts are damaged, clogged or dirty, it disrupts the airflow in your house.

Weak and inconsistent airflow can cause discomfort in your house because your system will deliver insufficient heating and cooling.

If you notice your HVAC system’s airflow degrading, contact your contractor and ask for an appropriate course of action.

Cold and hot spots in various areas

If you notice hot and cold spots in different sections of your house, there might be plenty of causes for it.

Concerning ducts, it can be because of:

  • Leaks.
  • Clogs.
  • Tears.

In particular cases, it may also be because of the wrong size of the system.

If you experience any such thing, contact us immediately at RLD services.

Unusual noises

Sometimes, there might be issues with your ductwork that aren’t visible, but you can hear them in the form of weird noises and sounds.

Low sounds from ducts are expected, and you must not be worried about that. But if you hear loud noises like unusual rattling or squeaking and whistling sounds, it might be time to call for a duct check-up. The sound usually happens because of loose parts or tears in the system.

How much do duct repair and replacement costs?

The HVAC ductwork installation costs range from around $285 per duct run, and it also depends on the number of HVAC duct runs that need to be replaced, the length of each run, size and type of the replacement ductwork. If you want to replace the solid ducts in walls and ceilings, the cost can be $550 per run.

Usually, air duct replacement costs range between $127 and $400 per duct. However, it also includes the removal of old ducts and supply registers, labor costs, disposal of all old parts and materials, and installing new flexible or metal ducts. Please make sure you understand that the final price will completely depends on our final assessment, amount of labor, cost of parts etc. All prices here are estimates.

Cost to replace ductwork in a crawl space

An average cost of replacing a crawl space is $3000 to $7300, depending on the ducts’ size, condition, and accessibility. To make the most out of the duct replacement, clean, encapsulate and repair the crawl space before installing new ducts to achieve maximum efficiency and longevity.

Cost to replace ductwork in an attic 

Thinking of replacing the ductwork located in the attic? Here is the cost. Attic duct replacement costs around $2,200 to $5,600, depending on the system size and accessibility. Attic duct insulation enhances the efficiency of your system and prevents ac units from overworking.

Cost to replace ductwork in a basement 

The cost of replacing your ducts placed in the basement is $1800 to $3100. Basement duct replacements are cheaper as they are easier to access than the other ones.

What are the factors that influence duct replacement cost? 

What are the factors that influence duct replacement cost Infographics

Thinking of replacing your air ducts? Have a look at these factors which are a potential cause behind your duct replacement costs:

Duct replacement cost factor #1: Type of ductwork

The costliest ductwork system is sheet metal ducts that run in enclosed walls and ceilings. On the contrary, the least expensive is a radical system of flexible ducts which runs in an attic to ceiling grates. Ductworks that run along with an open ceiling in the basement of a single-story building are more affordable.

Duct replacement cost factor #2: Size of your home

Bigger homes require more length in terms of ducts than tiny houses, so the cost also varies.

Duct replacement cost factor #3: Access to duct runs

The accessibility of the ducts in your basement, attic, walls and ceilings play a vital role in determining the replacement costs of your ductwork.

Ducts installed in the attic are easy to access, followed by a crawlspace.

If you have a multi-storeyed house, the ducts might be sandwiched between the floor and ceilings of the first and second floors. Such ducts are tough to access and therefore are costly to replace.

Duct replacement cost factor #4: R-value of insulated ducts

Flexible ductwork running in open spaces will have to insulate in R6 to R10. The higher the R-value, the costlier the ducting.

However, it is a one-time cost worth spending because it pays for itself with time. So, we recommend you to go for higher R-values.

The better the insulation throughout your home, the minimum you have to spend on energy costs in all seasons.

Duct replacement cost factor #5: Wall/ceiling disruption

The overall cost goes on the upper end of the spectrum when removing or replacing drywall or a drop ceiling system. However, this is common in houses with multiple stories.

Duct replacement cost factor #6: Zoning equipment inside the ducts

When dampers have to be replaced or removed from inside the ducts, additional labor and materials are needed to remove them, automatically increasing overall costs.

Duct replacement cost factor #7: Complexity of ducts

The price of duct replacements also depends on the complexity of ducts like the location, age of the house and ducts, etc.

Duct replacement cost factor #8: Time of the year

The season of the year also impacts the cost of duct replacement. How busy or slow is the HVAC contractor at your estimates also affects their charges.

Duct replacement cost factor #9: Climate of the Location

The location of your house also affects your duct replacement costs by 10% to 25%. The climate of the place you stay in plays a crucial role in determining the duct replacement cost. Ask your HVAC experts to get detailed knowledge.

Can you replace your ducts by yourself?

It is appealing for many DIYers to get hands-on in replacing the ducts at their home.

But let us make you aware that duct installation is not easy and requires many skills and expertise. It is better to contact a technician to install the ducts for you and do it all correctly than put an effort and damaging the system.

We want you to contract an expert, not because we want the business, but because we know how annoying and unpeaceful an improperly installed duct system can be.

When it comes to the efficiency of your house, let the experts at RLD be in charge. You won’t be disappointed, we assure you!

Why choose RLD services for duct replacement?

Replacing an entire duct system is a heavy financial and physical task. The replacement cost is usually quoted based on the price per linear foot or the number of ducts to be installed. The other factors are the labor charges, types of materials used, the difficulty of assessing the ducts, size of the ducts etc.

If you think of giving your HVAC system a boost of energy by replacing the air ducts, consider contacting us at RLD services. We are a pack of highly trained HVAC experts who understand the importance of highly efficient, well-sealed, clean, and properly installed air ducts. To take advantage of our to-notch duct services, call us today!


Here are some of the questions people usually ask:

Is it worth it to replace ducts?

If you have been using your ductwork for more than 15 years, you should go to replace it(1). Ductwork has a maximum shelf life of 20-25 years, and the efficiency level drops significantly. However, after 15 years, it begins to deteriorate, and the only wise option left to you is to replace it and get a new unit.

Can I replace the ductwork myself?

Though you can replace your ducts, considering it a DIY project, it is fragile and a complex project that requires expertise and some prior knowledge of how the HVAC system operates.

Contact an expert technician if you want to do the task on your own. In this way, you can reduce the complications in the process.

Improper installation can block the airflow and pull down the overall efficiency of your HVAC system. The installation of your new ducts determines how well your HVAC ductwork cools and heats your home. It also becomes an integral part of energy and money-saving in the long run.

When should ducts be replaced?

Some of the common factors that point toward replacing your ducts are:

  • Old ductwork.
  • High electricity bills.
  • Poor indoor air quality.

How do I know if my ductwork needs to be replaced?

Here are some signs which help you know if your existing ductwork needs replacement:

  • Constantly dusty house.
  • Noisy central air conditioning system.
  • Inconsistent room temperatures.
  • Age of the system and your house.
  • Mold growth in the ducts.


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Lovely people, fantastic work on our ductwork repair, prompt services and fair pricing. Great job RLD.

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